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We distribute and market high quality Peruvian products


We are ‘FUSION FOODS’, we offer an immense range of totally organic culinary products, to bring natural flavor to each and every one of our customers’ homes. Let’s take advantage of the richness of the fertile lands of Peru and the pride of things around the world through the different colors of our brand.

Our brand

Fusion Foods is a company proud of its roots. Founded in 2014 with the
purpose of rescuing and disseminating the wealth of Peru through the promotion and
export of native products from each of our regions; Coast,
Sierra and Jungle.

From the field to your table

Our products

Fruits and vegetables

Now you don’t need to produce your brand, we do it for you. We have a research and development team that will be in charge of designing products tailored to your needs in all our business lines.

Delicious snacks, usually served as a side dish or peritif, a hit at any meeting.

Our Keto snacks are free of gluten, sugar, artificial flavors and They take maximum care of your health. If you need a snack, our Keto snacks give you the energy you need.

Appetizers and

Andean Grains
and flour

Considered superfoods. It is part of an ancestral Andean culture that has been practiced for generations, thus having a social cultural value.

Seasonings ready to marinate.

A convenient solution to save time and work in the kitchen.

and Sauces

The flavor comes from our land

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